IACET Committee

IACET Committee

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[org_chart_item title=’Regina’ parent=’IACET’ content=’Regina Crapps
Academic Program Administrator’]
[org_chart_item title=’Troy’ parent=’IACET’ content=’Troy Hahn
IT Director’]
[org_chart_item title=’ReginaH’ parent=’IACET’ content=’Dr. Regina Halpin
Assessment Specialist’]
[org_chart_item title=’Jacqueline’ parent=’IACET’ content=’Jacqueline Kochak
Communications Specialist’]
[org_chart_item title=’William’ parent=’IACET’ content=’William Shaw
Technology Specialist’]


Regina Crapps

Academic Program Administrator

(334) 844-7456

Alternate Phone: (334) 844-0452
Regina Crapps is in charge of handling registration and payment for AUFSI classes and pulling together all the details of delivering course materials, providing information for students and calculating CEUs. She has a background in human resources, financial analysis and class and workshop facilitation and holds a degree in human resources from Auburn University-Montgomery.

Jacqueline Kochak

Communications Specialist

(334) 844-7465

Jacque Kochak handles grant writing and communications projects for AUFSI, including researching and writing brochures, the annual report and press releases. An award-winning writer and editor, she holds a journalism degree from the University of Kansas.