Tailgate Times

Welcome to Tailgate Times!

Every year, tens of thousands of fans descend on the Auburn University campus. They usually plan tailgate parties before the game—and tailgate parties mean food. Lots and lots of food, from barbecue to beer.

What we call the “food system” is something the folks at Auburn University know a lot about. For that reason, the Auburn University Food Systems Institute was created to bring together all the many disciplines at Auburn that deal with a complex, integrated food system, from producing food through processing food to consuming food.

Since food safety is one of our concerns (and tailgate time is prime time for food poisoning) we thought we could take this opportunity to let you know how to have a safe tailgate. We also thought you might like to know a little bit about where your classic tailgating food comes from, tailgating history, safety from fires and bad weather, and much more.

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Ultimately, we hope our tailgating guide helps you have a fun and safe tailgating experience!


Dr. Pat Curtis


Auburn University Food Systems Institute