2021 Food Entrepreneur Conference

The eighth annual Food Entrepreneur Conference is going to be held virtually. Click for more info. 

Food System Institute Research

The food system encompasses every aspect of the complicated, interrelated system to feed a population, including growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption and disposal of food and food-related items.

Food Defense & Safety

Criminals or terrorists could score a big victory by tampering with the U.S. food supply. This AUFSI working group is zeroing in on research and education to address the potential threat and so far includes members from the Auburn University College Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine as well as Arizona State University.

Welcome to the Auburn University Food System Institute (AUFSI)

We help promote interdisciplinary research, outreach, teaching, and training opportunities relating to food systems among our faculty, industry professionals, decision-makers in government, and of course consumers just like you! 

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What are “Food Systems”? As a land-grant institution, Auburn University has a long history of doing practical research and communicating the results of that research to the public. Auburn’s strengths have long included disciplines that are part of a “food…

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Because Auburn is a land-grant university, our mission includes research and teaching involving “practical agriculture.” For that reason, Auburn has a large number of programs with an impressive array of facilities to support the programs.

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AUFSI services include everything from help writing the project narrative, budgeting, finding the necessary specialists for your project team, and can guide you from beginning to end of the grant submission process. Click to learn more about our Faculty Resources.

Total grant dollars AUFSI helped generate (2011-2018)

Grant amount applied for in 2018

Largest successful grant submitted by AUFSI (FDA)

  • External Grant Proposal Submission 90% 90%
  • Internal (AU) & Intl. Grant Proposal Submissions 10% 10%
  • Increase in Food Entrepreneur Conference Attendance 100% 100%

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