The Virtual Food Systems Training Consortium (VFSTC), a consortium consisting of four universities with headquarters at the Auburn University Food Systems Institute, has released a Request for Proposals for 2014 projects.

With funding from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, VFSTC is creating online training for regulatory food inspectors from federal, state, local, territorial and tribal agencies. This year, VFSTC is seeking subject matter experts who will work with the Food System Institute’s technology staff (including an instructional designer, videographer and graphic designer) to create courses on several microorganisms. They are Norovirus, E. coli 0157 and non-0157, Campylobacter and parasites in food.

VFSTC also seeks virtual tours and simulations that may stand alone or be incorporated into one or more FDA training courses. For the coming year, VFSTC hopes to develop and Egg Layer House Virtual Tour and simulations of environmental sampling, sampling in an egg layer house and egg sampling.

Access the Request for Proposals and the Budget Template.