Virtual Chicken

The Virtual Chicken project was funded by a USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant. Virtual chicken provides teaching and learning resources that include a video showing the formation of an egg in a hen, slide presentations and hands on experiments for educators.

Feel free to distribute the materials as needed. Our interest is getting the knowledge to as many people as possible.

USDA support and funding was provided by USDA Grant Agreement number 2003-38411-13479.

This video illustrates the female reproductive tract of a hen and details a developing egg from the ovary to the nest.

Slide Presentations (PowerPoint)

The Science Behind the Egg     Female Chicken Reproductive Tract

Classroom Experiments (downloadable .pdf)

Paper Rulers (cm)
Pores In The Shell
Shaped For A Reason
Sink Or Float
Where Is The Shell
Amazingly Strong
Egg In A Bottle
How Big Is It? Part_1      How Big Is It? Part_2      How Big Is It? Part_3