ISIS Kill List targets military, government and business officials; caution urged
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, another has occurred—this time in Magnanville, France, north of Paris.

The victim was Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, the local police chief. He was ambushed and stabbed repeatedly outside his home by Larossi Abballa, who then took Salvaing’s wife hostage and tortured and killed her while the couple’s 3-year-old son hid in the house.

The attack was reportedly filmed by Abbala and streamed live on Facebook.  Abbala reportedly also tweeted the attack.

French commandos killed Aballa, storming the house and rescuing the child. Early press accounts indicate that Aballa previously was arrested and convicted for terrorism-related activities and had ties to jihadists based in Pakistan. He was reportedly under active electronic surveillance by police at the time of the attacks.

A list of other potential targets, which included journalists and police officers, was found in Abbala’s home. Persistent open source indicators mention “ISIS kill lists” that are being circulated in various forums on the web and dark web, purportedly including the names and locations of military personnel, government and police officials, journalists and corporate officials.

Caution is urged for all U.S. citizens, military, police, journalists and business officials (CONUS or OCONUS), as copycat events are expected. Social media presence that includes location data should be eliminated.

by R.A. Norton

Robert A. Norton, Ph.D., is a professor at Auburn University and chair of the Auburn University Food Systems Institute’s Biosecurity and Food Defense Working Group. A long-time consultant to federal and state law enforcement agencies, the Department of Defense and industry, he specializes in intelligence analysis, weapons of mass destruction defense and national security. For more information on the topic or for more detailed discussions about specific security related needs, he can be reached at or by phone at (334) 844-7562