The supply chain is the interconnected—and very vulnerable—web of people, processes, technology, information and resources that deliver a product or service to us, the consumer. In an attempt at keeping the supply chain safe, U.S. intelligence agencies are rolling out a new cybersecurity information-sharing initiative.

Cyber security concept on virtual screen with a consultant doing presentation in the background

According to Bloomberg, the effort is part of a new campaign by the National Counterintelligence and Security Center to raise awareness about supply chain vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities give China, Russia and other governments, as well as criminals, hackers, and disgruntled employees, the chance to steal sensitive information or disrupt operations.

For one thing, companies need to be wary about the source of electronic components such as microchips that are used in their finished products. U.S. companies whose supply chains rely on services and products developed in countries that have shown hostility to the U.S. have previously been warned about the risk and should be especially vigilant. These countries include Russia, China, and Iran.

The program will target U.S. telecommunications, energy, and financial businesses. The intelligence campaign seeks to combat hands-on crime, such as stealing or sabotaging sensitive equipment, as well as cyber crimes. In addition to the video, the campaign includes classified threat intelligence papers that will be distributed to U.S. critical infrastructure developers via “secure channels,” reportedly in two months, according to

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