Chicago-based Ton Shen Health is recalling its DHZC-2 tablets, a Chinese herbal supplement sold under the Life Rising brand, because the FDA has detected a high level of lead in samples. The tablets were sold mostly in the Chicago area but also through mail order. Sale of the product has been suspended while the FDA investigates.

The $40-billion-a-year dietary supplement industry is subject to far less stringent regulation than over-the-counter and prescription medications, although Consumer Reports says such supplements are becoming a part of mainstream medicine.

“And because of those lax policies, supplements that make their way into retail stores, doctors’ offices, and hospitals can pose a number of potential problems,” the magazine says. “They can be ineffective, contaminated with microbes or heavy metals, dangerously mislabeled, or intentionally spiked with illegal or prescription drugs. They can also cause harmful side effects by themselves and interact with prescription medication in ways that make those drugs less effective.”

Ton Shen Health has several Chicago-area clinics and a product line based on traditional Chinese medicine.