Although it has nothing to do with the food industry, a recent British case clearly indicates the risk posed by rogue insiders. In this instance, Scotland Yard says a serving member of the British armed forces has been charged with terrorism offenses, according to MSN News.

Thirty-year-old Ciaran Maxwell is a Royal Marine; the Royal Marines’ mission is to protect national interests, “tackle risks before they escalate,” and exert global influence. Yet the charges against him include:

  • Engaging in conduct in preparation for assisting another to commit acts of terrorism, including research leading to the creation of a library of documents likely to be useful to terrorists.
  • Obtaining articles connected with an act of terrorism, specifically chemicals and components to be used in explosives and an image of an adapted Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) pass card and uniform.
  • Manufacturing explosives and creating ‘hides’ in which to store them along with ammunition, weapons, tools and resources linked to terrorism.
  • Possession of cannabis with intent to supply and possession of bank cards and security codes for use in connection with fraud.

Detectives are continuing to search various locations in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, after earlier searches in the county recovered separate hauls of weapons, including an armor-piercing improvised rocket and two anti-personnel mines along with several pipe bombs, magazines and ammunition for an assault rifle. Bomb component parts and command wires were also uncovered, MSN reported.

Reports do not say what Maxwell intended to do with these weapons, or whether he was working with anyone.