reports that deputies were serving eviction papers at an unoccupied house in an upscale Huntsville neighborhood when they found foreign money and indications of foreign travel, raising concerns about terrorism. The website quoted Capt. Michael Salomonsky of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department saying that both the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had been brought into the investigation.

At a news conference, Salomonsky said the first concern was identity fraud, because the squatters had forged a lease to get utilities turned on at the house. More concerns were raised when they found currency in the house from hotspots such as Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and there were indications money had been moved into overseas accounts. One of the three suspects was thought to have traveled to the Middle East.

Five computers seized during the eviction are now in possession of the Department of Homeland Security. Salomonsky said the investigation so far had yielded some 95 names that had been used in fraudulent financial activities, although it is not clear if the names were real or the supporting documentation was legitimate.

Salmonsky said the case had stretched out for a month, with the eviction papers served Aug. 9. Two of the suspects were arrested that day and bonded out. Salomonsky said law enforcement officials did not know where they could now be found. He added that their names may have been aliases.

The case has been ongoing for more than a month – the eviction papers were served Aug. 9, Salomonsky said – and though two of the suspects were arrested that day and subsequently bonded out of jail, Salomonsky said law enforcement has “absolutely no idea” where they are now.

Miles Rashod Tibbs, 35, was charged with trafficking in stolen identities, and Sean Anthony DeCambra, 39, was charged with possession of a forged instrument. A third suspect, Monualdi Kareem Burnett Tibbs, 36, is sought by authorities.