An explosion rocked the fashionable downtown Manhattan (NYC) neighborhood of Chelsea this evening, causing at least 25 injuries among those attending an outdoor festival, Reuters and the Tribunist report. The explosion came on the same day a pipe bomb exploded along the route of a charity race in of New Jersey, forcing cancellation of the event but causing no injuries, BBC reported.

The Tribunist reported some witnesses on social said the blast came from a trash container or dumpster in the area. The cause of the explosion is still unclear, but NBC News quoted New York City fire officials as saying a police bomb squad was called in as a precaution to look for secondary devices in the immediate area.

Twenty-five civilians were confirmed injured in the blast, the New York City Fire Department said on Twitter. Hundreds of people were seen fleeing the area on a cool early autumn evening, as police cordoned off the area, Reuters said. New York City Police issued a bulletin that advised motorists to avoid the area.

The New Jersey bomb had been placed in a garbage can along the route of the 5km Semper Five run in Seaside Park, BBC reported. Participants would have been in the area but the race had been delayed because of an unattended bag. The charity race is in aid of Marines and sailors and this year attracted thousands of runners.