When wrong or obsolete technology is used, it is incredibly easy to forge employee access cards and gain entry into restricted areas. That’s the message from a self-proclaimed Hungarian “ethical hacker,” Gabor Heims, who created a video showing himself simply waving his hands to open security doors.

His hands have two implanted chips: one near-field communications chip in one hand and one programmable radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip in the other. The video shows Heims using a program called Proxmark3 to copy his employee access card and program a chip in his hand. The video shows him pressing his hand against a reader on a locked gate and another security barrier.

Helms copied the data on his employee security card to the LF implant in his hand to dramatize the ease with which security features can be circumvented with new and easily obtained technology.

‘You can steal access data with an antenna and clone/create new cards without the real owner knowing it,” Heims told the Daily Mail.