Two food safety adjudicatory actions capped fiscal 2016 for USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), Food Safety News reports. FSIS did not take any criminal enforcement actions this quarter, but the Consent Orders can put a company out of business unless steps are taken to address FSIS concerns. That’s because federal inspection services can be withdrawn, and no poultry, meat, eggs or catfish may be sold for human consumption without U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection.

The first Consent Order was against the MSM Meat Co. in Colquitt, Ga., and allows the firm to resume inspection operations upon verification that the company’s program meets requirements set out in a previous order. In that order, on July 13, FSIS withdrew federal inspection services because of the company’s failure to prevent egregious, inhumane treatment of livestock intended for slaughter. The most recent order, issued on Aug. 18, allows the firm to resume inspection operations. The order outlines requirements for proper restraint of animals before they are stunned as well as procedures for monitoring and maintenance of the stunning device.

The second Consent Order was issued on Sept. 19 to California Qili’s Braised Chicken LLC, Food Safety News said. It requires Qili’s to adhere to sanitation, allergen and pest control standards. The FSIS also filed a complaint to withdraw inspection services from Qili’s based on its sanitation and food safety violations, especially rodent droppings and insects in and around the establishment. READ MORE