Violating food-safety standards will get you more than a slap on the hand these days. The owner of Miami-based cheese company Oasis Brands Inc. is the most recent company executive to be sentenced for criminal violations related to pathogen-contaminated food linked to a deadly outbreak, according to reports in several publications. On Monday, Christian Rivas received a sentence of 15 months in federal prison. Rivas admitted he intentionally sold cheese he knew was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes after he promised federal authorities he would cease distribution. Rivas joins two other food industry executives recently sentenced to federal prison on criminal counts related to outbreaks. Austin “Jack” DeCoster and his son Peter DeCoster each received sentences of three months in prison plus $100,000 fines in the Quality Egg case related to a 2010 Salmonella outbreak. Stewart Parnell and his brother Michael Parnell, along with Mary Wilkerson, were sentenced in the Peanut Corporation of America case related to an E. coli outbreak that killed nine people. Stewart Parnell received 28 years in federal prison, while his brother received 20 and Wilkerson got five. MORE INFORMATION