UPDATE: The Alabama Department of Public Health is now reporting that 77 people have gotten sick and 12 are hospitalized after attending a wedding in Colbert County in northwest Alabama. The wedding took place on Saturday, Nov. 12, and the Colbert County Health Department has been investigating the outbreak of foodborne illness since Monday morning when the first reports came in. They have interviewed patients, obtained patient specimens, inspected the food source, and obtained food samples.

Food and patient specimens have been processed by the Alabama Department of Public Health’s laboratory. ADPH said in a press release that the laboratory has reported initial patient specimens tested presumptive positive for Salmonella. Food results are pending as it takes longer to process food specimens, ADPH said. The caterer is cooperating with the health department and is no longer preparing food.

Dr. Karen Landers, the assistant state health officer, told AL.com that the ADPH  “suspended the caterer’s food preparation permit” as a result of the outbreak. She said there could be more people showing up sick, because the incubation period is six to 72 hours. Signs and symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and some fever. READ MORE