Just after news broke of a hacker messing with the San Francisco municipal transit system, news comes that German Telekom believes a hacker attack may have caused a massive outage that affected 900,000 internet, phone and TV clients, a German English-language website reports. Both cyber-attacks underscore the vulnerability of U.S. institutions, including food companies, and the need to warn employees about phishing scams and other security issues. The outage started Sunday, and a spokesman said the problem was not with the network but instead with identifying routers upon dial-up. The company’s IT analysts found evidence the connection problem might have been caused by an outside attack rather than by a normal system failure. Germany has been the target of repeated cyber attacks in recent years, including a 2015 attack on the German parliament, the Bundestag, which security services blamed on Russia. The article noted that with federal elections coming in 2017, Germany is anxiously evaluating the impact of leaked documents obtained by hackers on the U.S. election this year. READ MORE