The ingenuity of cyber-thieves continues to amaze, and illustrates why food executives must be knowledgeable about cyber-crime. Forbes magazine reports that more than a million Android phones have been infected with Gooligan, a strain of malware that Google is fighting in earnest. Cyber-criminals used the spyware to steal 1.3 million Google accounts in the last four months, researchers warned. The malware’s main aim, is to force users into downloading apps as part of a huge advertising fraud scheme, making as much as $320,000 a month. Gooligan is spreading at an alarming rate: since the start of this month, it’s been racking up an average of 13,000 new infections every day, according to researchers from Check Point. Whoever is behind the attack is rapidly expanding an advertising fraud campaign, said Michael Shaulov, head of mobile and cloud security for Check Point. The attackers have forced victims to download and give positive reviews to apps on Google Play, which provides an illicit revenue stream as the hackers also run advertisements within the applications. Every download and every click on the ad adds a small amount to the attackers’ coffers. Most infections (40 per cent) are in Asia, though 19 per cent are in the Americas, most of which are in North America, Shaulov said. Another 12 per cent are based in Europe. READ MORE