The National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS), established in 1996, is out with its latest data, covering the year 2014 and showing low levels of Salmonella in poultry and meat in the United States. In the latest report, NARMS found measurable decreases in Salmonella present in retail chicken and ground turkey. More specifically, NARMS found that Salmonella recovery continued to decline in poultry sources to the lowest levels in 20 years of joint testing. Salmonella prevalence reached 9.1 percent in chicken and 5.5 percent in ground turkey while remaining below 1.5 percent in beef (at 0.8 percent) and 1.3 percent in pork. A consistent decline in the proportion of Salmonella isolates from retail chicken meat that are multi-drug resistant was also called out. READ MORE