As jihadis lose ground in the Middle East and look increasingly to the West, expect more car bombs and lone-wolf attackers, says a report by Europol’s European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC) cited by the UK Express website. The ECTC report claims the masterminds behind the Brussels and Paris attacks initially planned to conceal explosives in a car to be detonated but were forced to change their plans because of police operations. The ECTC also theorizes that specialist teams from Syria have traveled to Europe and carried out at least 10 deadly attacks over the past two years, the report said, which refers to fighters who leave the ISIS Caliphate for Europe as Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs). FTFs seek to extend their terror networks to carry out attacks, with some posing as refugees to exploit the migrant. ISIS leaders have access to blank Syrian passports and skilled falsifiers, the report added. READ MORE