CYBER-SECURITY UPDATE: Reuters reports that one of the world’s biggest networks of hijacked computers, which is suspected of being used to attack online banking customers, has been taken down following police swoops in 10 countries, German police said on Thursday. Officials said they had seized 39 servers and several hundred thousand domains, depriving criminals of control of more than 50,000 computers in Germany alone. The strike came in the same week hackers tried to create the world’s biggest botnet, or army of zombie computers, by infecting the routers of 900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers with malicious software (see previous post). Criminals used the botnet to send phishing and spam emails; when users opened the attachment or clicked on the link, their infected computers became part of the botnet. Investigators said the suspects made the network available to other criminal groups who used it to send spam and phishing mails, defraud online banking users and spread ransomware. READ MORE