Worried that you’ve gone a little overboard with your holiday spending this year? Then you’re exactly the kind of person that cybercriminals are hoping to reach with a new phishing campaign. Microsoft has published a new post on its Malware Protection Center blog that warns about scam emails that are pushing the “Cerber” ransomware. Like other ransomware, Cerber scans a freshly-infected computer for specific file types, encrypts them, and then demands payment from the victim. The emails claim to be notifying potential victims of impending charges on their credit cards. To avoid the charges, the person who receives the email has to carefully follow the instructions included in an attached document. And guess what—there’s a Russian connection. Security researchers found Cerber being peddled in underground Russian forums, where criminals could rent the “service.” If the victim is located in Russia or a former Soviet Republic, the malware won’t run. READ MORE