A key ingredient for food safety: Jeff Rieger explains in Food Safety Tech that the Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a key ingredient for ensuring food safety. IoT is the concept that everything will one day be connected, similar to when computers became networked and connected with the internet. A sensor in a walk-in freezer is now smart enough to communicate directly with the smartphone in your pocket and a computer at the office, all in real-time. New technologies are beginning to intersect and create new solutions to old problems, such as the necessity to periodically monitor the temperature of equipment in a restaurant or the trailer of a refrigerated truck. READ MORE

Takeout curry proves fatal: Details are still sketchy, but there’s another story out of Great Britain about foodservice workers being arrested after a restaurant patron died of an allergic reaction to the food they served. The 15-year-old schoolgirl suffered a severe reaction—probably anaphylactic shock—after eating take-out curry from an Indian restaurant in Lancashire. Police allege the two workers were grossly negligent and have charged them with manslaughter. Several recent British cases have involved food that was contaminated with peanuts or other allergens, and customers were not told.  READ MORE 

Possible Listeria causes kitchen closures: Whole Foods Market is closing down all three of its regional kitchens that prepared ready-to-eat food — including the one in Everett, Mass., that netted the grocery chain an FDA warning letter citing Listeria problems — and will be using outside suppliers instead. The move comes almost a year after inspectors from the Food and Drug Administration discovered a long list of “serious violations” at the Massachusetts facility during a February 2016 visit. READ MORE