Two new ISIS cases illustrate need for personnel security: Two cases this week illustrate why it is so important to carefully vet employees, as ISIS appears to be carrying out its strategy of working with radicalized individuals already “in place” in target Western countries. Yesterday, two Chicago-area men were arrested for conspiring to provide support to the Islamic State, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago. In Germany, explosions damaged the team bus of one of Germany’s premier soccer teams, and a letter taking credit for the attack cited the “Islamic State.” Read more HERE and HERE.


Tennessee gets the AI ‘all clear’: Tennessee’s top veterinarian on Wednesday lifted a statewide poultry health advisory and removed the control zone around two Lincoln County poultry farms hit by highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), allowing poultry owners to resume regular activity. H7N9 HPAI was confirmed on March 4 in a commercial chicken flock in Lincoln County. On March 14, samples from a commercial flock on a premises less than two miles away also tested positive for the same strain. READ MORE

Producer groups ask for hold on traceability rule: Four cattle producer groups have sent a joint letter to President Trump and Acting Secretary of Agriculture Michael Young, asking that upcoming meetings on USDA’s Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule be canceled, according to a news release posted on the R-CALF USA website. READ MORE


Fashionable diets are a ‘ticking time bomb’: A cult of “clean eating” is a “ticking timebomb” that could leave young people with weak bones, the United Kingdom’s National Osteoporosis Society has warned. Research by the charity shows that four in ten of those aged between 18 and 24 have tried such regimes, which are now coming under attack for cutting out major food groups such as dairy. The diets have become increasingly fashionable, and are associated with celebrities who have boasted how they have cut out gluten, dairy, grains and refined sugars. READ MORE