Employees actively circumvent cyber-security protocols: Researchers for Dtex Systems, a global insider threat protection company, have found that 95 percent of enterprises surveyed had employees who were actively circumventing corporate cyber-security protocols. Dirty minds and common vices were the driving force behind the majority of protocol breaches; 59 percent of the organizations had experienced employees accessing pornographic websites during the work day, and 43 percent had users who were engaged in online gambling activities over corporate networks. READ MORE

The three Bs of cyber security: Large-scale cyberattacks grab most of the headlines, yet small and medium-sized organizations frequently find themselves under attack. In the last year, half of American small businesses have been breached by hackers. That includes Meridian Health in Muncie, Ind., where 1,200 workers’ W-2 forms were stolen when an employee was duped by a phishing email supposedly from a top company executive. Many small companies are just one fraudulent wire transfer away from going out of business. An expert says Be Aware, Be Organized, and Be Proactive to combat cyber crime. READ MORE


Venezuelan crisis spilling into Brazil: Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis is spilling across its borders, according to Human Rights Watch, an international NGO that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. Thousands have gone to Brazil, some seeking protection there as refugees, others seeking temporary work, and still others seeking desperately needed medical care. READ MORE

Turkana pastoralists flee seeking pasture and water for cattle: As many as 10,000 Kenyan pastoralists have crossed the border from Turkana in Kenya to Uganda in search of pasture and water for their cattle. This latest exodus means that a total of 60,000 Turkana pastoralists and 127,000 livestock have moved to Uganda’s Karamjoa sub-region over the last seven days. One Turkana pastoralist said they had fled to Karamoja because, unlike Turkana, it still had some shrubs and bushes which could serve as food for the cattle. READ MORE


About those ‘vulnerability assessments’: A long-time food safety professional notes that crisis management, emergency preparedness, security programs, food defense training, and continuity planning are getting more attention. But, she asks, do existing programs meet the requirement for a “vulnerability assessment”? READ MORE

Suspected cocaine hidden in banana shipment: German police say they’ve found what they believe to be 847 pounds of cocaine in cases of bananas shipped from Ecuador. Police found a GPS transmitter in one of the cases. They believe that traffickers planned to use it to locate the drugs quickly in large warehouses. The substance was contained in hundreds of one-kilogram packages hidden in 26 cases of bananas. READ MORE