Isis encourages attacks on children, schools, social gatherings: Those responsible for restaurant and bar security (as well as the general public) need to be aware that Saturday’s terrorist attack in London, which culminated with three attackers stabbing people in crowded pubs after they rammed a van into a mob of pedestrians, may be the first of many. Simple plots against soft targets are the “new normal” in Europe and to a lesser extent the United States, notes Todd Rosenblum, former acting assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense. “ISIS…encourages individuals to attack children, schools, social gatherings, and civilians to, in its view, sow fear, mistrust, and disruption in the West,” he told The Cipher Brief. As the United Kingdom grapples with its third terrorist attack in three months, international counterterrorism cooperation and intelligence sharing will be vital to confront the “new normal” of the evolving global threat of terrorism, experts said.  READ MORE


Pepperoni recalled: Poland, Ohio-based P&S Bakery Inc. is recalling nearly 3,000 pounds of pepperoni product that may be contaminated with pieces of a clear meat casing utilized in food production, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced. The frozen, ready-to-eat, beef and pork pepperoni roll item is labeled as Gia Russa brand Double Stuffed Pepperoni Roll and was produced on March 29. The problem was discovered after the firm received consumer complaints through one of their distributors. READ MORE

Frozen tuna may be contaminated with hepatitis A: Imported frozen tuna cubes and steaks are being recalled after testing showed they could be contaminated with the hepatitis A virus. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Hawaii-based Hilo Fish Co. told the agency in May it had recalled yellowfin tuna that tested positive for the virus. Hilo said the fish was sourced from Sustainable Seafood Co. in Vietnam and Santa Cruz Seafood Inc. in the Philippines. Some products were distributed to retail locations and restaurants in California, Texas and Oklahoma. READ MORE

Massive outbreak caused by sapovirus: Researchers have determined that an outbreak of gastroenteritis that sickened 650 people at four schools in Sollentuna, Sweden, in April 2016 was caused by sapovirus. The outbreak was linked to a salad buffet. All schools in the area and some outside the municipality received food from the same central kitchen, based in one of the affected schools. READ MORE

Stay away from these mushrooms! They sprouted up in abundance after heavy rains, poking up through California lawns and forests, appearing harmless to some of those who found them — as though they’d make a good meal. And so they do, at first. The “death cap” mushroom is said to be delicious. A new federal report detailed what came after consumption for 14 people who sampled the Bay Area’s bloom of death cap — or amanita phalloides — last December: Violent nausea, in all cases. For some days later, organ damage as the death caps’ potent toxins ravaged the liver. READ MORE