Watch out: When you’re filling your car at the gas pump this summer, you could be also be giving a thief access to your bank account or credit card. Gas stations are a chief target of criminals who use data-grabbing skimmers to siphon data from drivers’ credit and ATM cards, according to law enforcement officials and gas retailers. Almost daily, the secretive and illegal devices are discovered at gas stations across the country, such as here, here and here. READ MORE

China and economic espionage: Hackers working for the Chinese government again appear to be conducting economic espionage against private U.S. companies and other American organizations, experts told lawmakers Tuesday during an open Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing. Cybersecurity experts have stated that Chinese cyber espionage operations — hacking activities aimed at stealing trade secrets, intellectual property or other confidential business information — has substantially declined in the wake of an agreement struck between former President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping in September 2015. But at least “anecdotally,” there has been a re-emergence of related economic espionage by Chinese hackers aimed at U.S. entities.READ MORE


It was only a matter of time: A phone call prompted the shutdown of a terminal at the Port of Charleston Wednesday night. The caller said a possible dirty bomb — an explosive with radioactive material — was in four containers aboard the Maersk Memphis. The supposed plot was also outlined in a series of YouTube videos posted Wednesday, after the phone call. The videos show two men, known for pushing far-right conspiracy theories, discussing the possibility of a threat on the Memphis. In the video, George Webb said he was representing a group of six “patriots” about a plot targeting the ship. READ MORE

Foreign jihadists now attracted to Philippines: As a Catholic-majority nation with a large Muslim minority in the southern islands, the Philippines has struggled with religious strife for decades. While extremist violence is not a new phenomenon, ISIS’ powerful message calling for global jihad has galvanized cooperation among extremist groups and attracted foreign militants to fight in the Philippines rather than in Syria and Iraq.  READ MORE

Bomb in China targets kindergarten: More than 60 people were injured, including eight who are in a serious condition, in an explosion at a a kindergarten in China yesterday. Bomb-making materials were found in the flat where the man, named as Xu, lived, and the words “die” and “death” had been scrawled on the walls. The blast happened just as parents in Fengxian in the eastern province of Jiangsu were picking up their children at the end of the day. It is being treated as a criminal act. READ MORE


EPA report raises concerns about lead in baby food: By now, it is well known that lead exposure is a significant human health concern, especially for young children. While most of the discussion about lead exposure has involved paint, drinking water, and contaminated soil or dust where young children live, play, and learn, the Environmental Defense Fund’s new report shows reason to pay more attention to another source: our food. READ MORE


Where will all the milk go? In 2016, nearly 40 percent of all U.S. dairy product exports made their way to U.S. NAFTA partners, but recent moves by the governments of the U.S., Mexico and Canada could lead to a change in the important Mexican and Canadian markets. In recent years, dairy exports to those two countries averaged nearly $2 billion per year and accounted for 30 to 40 percent of all dairy exports. The implications of curtailing NAFTA are sobering. Johnstown, Pa.-based Galliker’s Dairy Co., for example, has announced it will stop purchasing milk from 11 dairy farms because of an oversupply of milk. Galliker’s buys milk from 85 dairies, including the farms that will be looking for a new place to market their milk. Fineman says the company has seen milk production increase 10 percent while sales have declined. Read more HERE and HERE