Hampton Creek uses animal cells, plant-based medium: Hampton Creek Foods, the maker of plant-based mayonnaise and other vegan products, reportedly is developing lab-grown meat that will grow from animal cells in a plant-based medium, according to a number of media reports. The heavily funded food startup, which caused a stir in 2015 with its Just Mayo, hopes to get its product in stores next year, ahead of other lab-grown meat startups including Memphis Meats and Mosa Meat. READ MORE


Could eating deer meat make you sick? Macaque monkeys contracted chronic wasting disease after eating meat from CWD-positive deer, according to Canadian researchers. The findings are the first known oral transmissions of the prion disease to a primate and have heightened concerns of human susceptibility to CWD. Can humans who eat deer, elk or moose meat from animals infected with CWD get a human variant of this brain disease? That’s not a far-fetched question considering the strong link between mad cow disease and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) in humans. Read more HERE and HERE.

Don’t eat that plant! A video blogger has apparently live-streamed herself being poisoned – by eating a plant which she mistakenly thought was aloe vera. The 26-year-old—known online as Zhang—appeared on an internet live-stream holding two large dark-green leaves, which look similar to those of the aloe vera plant. During the broadcast she is seen taking a large bite out of one of the leaves, but it quickly becomes clear that something is wrong as she remarks upon the surprising bitterness of the plant. READ MORE


Worm me once, shame on you; worm me twice…: The newest ransomware attack called NotPetya has re-ignited the debate ongoing since the earlier WannaCry attack. Cybersecurity experts, policymakers, and citizens affected have all asked: who is to blame for these attacks? The underlying vulnerability in both these attacks is based on a Microsoft vulnerability, which was discovered and extensively used by the National Security Agency, before being lost or stolen, and subsequently publicly released by the Shadow Brokers, a group thought to the connected to Russia. READ MORE