Beaumont loses running water, dam ready to overflow: A spate of unexpected disasters is gripping Texas cities nearly a week after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast. The entire city of Beaumont has no running water after both of its water pumps failed, and they won’t be fixed until the floodwater has receded. In Houston,, residents near the Barker Reservoir must flee immediately as the massive pool of water is at imminent risk of overflowing and overwhelming their homes. And in Crosby, plumes of black smoke billowed from a flooded chemical plant—with more blasts possible. READ MORE

Brewery halts production, sends water to Houston: An Anheuser-Busch brewery in Georgia is shipping canned drinking water to the American Red Cross to help Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas and Louisiana. The St. Louis-based beer giant says a truckload of water from its Cartersville, Georgia, brewery arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Monday. More truckloads are scheduled to arrive in Arlington, Texas. More than 155,000 cans of water are being sent in total. READ MORE


Meat processors pitch in, too: As the pictures from Houston continue to bring home the magnitude of the need for thousands of flooded residents, meat processing and distribution companies are already there, making sure victims and responders are fed.  U.S. Foods and Cargill have each donated $100,000, and Tyson Foods, Seaboard Foods, Hormel Foods, Perdue Farms and Foster Farms have all sent food, and in some cases cooks, to help. READ MORE

Texas ranchers face flood challenges: USDA estimates that about 1.2 million beef cattle were in the 54 Texas counties already declared disaster areas after Hurricane Harvey, and unless ranchers were able to move their herds before Harvey made landfall, the storm’s toll will take some time to assess. Texas is the nation’s largest cattle and calf producer and has the largest feedlot herd at 2.42 million head. READ MORE


Five public health crises facing southeastern Texas: Texas is reeling from Hurricane Harvey, with thousands of residents displaced by flood waters and a climbing death toll. But the dangers go beyond the rising waters, as the storm brings an array of public health dangers, from contaminated water to mosquitoes to mold. READ MORE

Turtles causing kids to get sick:  This year, young children across the country are becoming violently ill and being hospitalized because of Salmonella infections from contact with pet turtles, many of which are illegal. Of the 37 confirmed victims, a third are under 5, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the 33 sick people or guardians who have been interviewed, 16 have required hospitalization. Nearly half (45 percent) reported contact with turtles or their environments. Six reported buying the turtles from a street vendor or receiving them as a gift. READ MORE