In today’s world, loss of territory isn’t the end of terrorist groupsJust because ISIS has lost territory doesn’t mean the terrorist organization is gone. Two incidents this weekend (a car and knife attack in Canada and another knife attack in France) illustrate the point. ISIS has become particularly skilled at utilizing social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook and encrypted communication applications such as Telegram to recruit new members and lure them to either travel abroad and fight on their behalf, or conduct acts of terror in their home countries. Exploiting its vast media capabilities, ISIS has managed to convert its grand message of martyrdom into targeted appeals that resonate on an individual basis, attracting a variety of people to its cause. One of them might be the next “lone-wolf” terrorist to launch an attack in the U.S., and busy food venues remain attractive targets. READ MORE


Whole Foods suffers data breach: Amazon’s new acquisition, Whole Foods Market, disclosed on Thursday that its has suffered a point-of-sale data breach that compromised the payment card information of customers who used its taprooms and full table-service restaurants. The actual grocery store checkout systems were not impacted, however, as they run on a separate POS system than those affected. Likewise,’s systems were not in any way impacted. Cybersecurity experts said that having separate POS systems for Whole Food’s grocery checkout and food-service venues prevented a much bigger headache. READ MORE


Frozen raw chicken products cause Salmonella outbreak: More than a dozen people across four Canadian provinces are confirmed with Salmonella infections traced to breaded chicken products, but federal officials have not irevealed what specific products or brands are implicated. Of the 13 victims identified, four had symptoms so severe  they had to be hospitalized. “Salmonella is commonly found in raw chicken and frozen raw breaded chicken products,” according to the outbreak alert. “While frozen raw breaded chicken products may appear to be pre-cooked or browned, they contain raw chicken and should be handled and prepared no differently from other raw poultry products. Frozen raw breaded chicken products must be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees F) to ensure they are safe to eat. READ MORE

British chicken supplier accused of duping shoppers about chicken freshness: A major British chicken supplier has been accused of duping shoppers into buying meat past its use-by date. An undercover probe found workers apparently altering “kill dates” at a 2 Sisters Food Group plant. Meat of different ages was also mixed together and codes on crates of meat were changed, it is alleged. Supermarket poultry typically has a use-by date around 10 days after slaughter. Birmingham, England-based 2 Sisters produces a third of all poultry products eaten in the United Kingdom. READ MORE

New study says, ‘Cook that pork!’ Many consumers prefer their pork cooked medium, but a new study says cooking pork chops to medium and lower levels does not completely eliminate pathogens and these cells can multiply during storage and get people sick. Only well-done pork chops completely eliminate listeria and salmonella pathogens, while lower levels of cooking, medium to rare, left some surviving bacteria that had the opportunity to multiply during food storage before consumption, according to the study. READ MORE


What’s a cage-free egg, anyway? In a new ad for Vital Farms, a Texas-based egg and dairy farm, owner Stuart Dill points out the lack of understanding among consumers when it comes to labeling. In an effort to spread the word, Modern Farmer explains what terms like “cage-free” and pasture-raised” really mean. READ MORE