See your dread and recognize its voice: No solutions in this interesting article, just observations. Still, the disease has to be recognized for what it is, before the cure can be found. American discourse has been changed in the last decade from one influenced by optimism to one filled with unseen dread and pessimism. The American psyche is ailing. There is a great deal to be very concerned about, perhaps even perplexed. Evil has had a strong run of late. Concerns and confusion are made manifest in the human response to events like the tragic slaughter of innocent people attending a concert in Las Vegas or to the death of a child sitting on the front step, shot in another Chicago gang dispute.

America has begun to lose hope in a lot of places, which is most unfortunate because there is so much to be hopeful about. Yes, the world is full of badness, but also so much that is so very good. The economy is beginning to hum again, to blossom again if you will, providing opportunity for more employment, more security in this seemingly unsecure world.

What is the solution to the dread? Look around you and celebrate the many gifts of your life. Find that which is good that surrounds you. Embrace it. Grow more passionate about your family, friends and coworkers. Find that part of your job that enables you to give back to your fellow human beings. Make your job your work, performed for goodness. There is no job too humble that does not in some way give back to those around you, so recognize it.

The food industry provides sustenance, provides life. If you work there, it should be a passion because it makes so many other good things more possible. Our nation, with its flaws and faults, is also the place where more opportunity exists than in any other place of the world, or in history. Feed the nation and feed the world. That is what you do! That is your mission, your calling. See the dread and recognize its voice in those around you, then speak up and let them know tomorrow will come and it will contain goodness, even should bad occur. Use your position to put food in someone’s hands; in fact, a lot of people’s hands. The world always looks better, the sun brighter, when one’s belly is full. You make that happen. READ MORE


There’s a correlation between skipping breakfast and hardened arteries: People who skip breakfast or eat poorly to start the day are twice as likely to develop hardened arteries, which can lead to deadly heart disease, researchers said Monday. The study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology uncovered signs of damage to the arteries long before symptoms or disease developed. READ MORE

Exercise fends off depression: Taking part in even a small amount of exercise each week can significantly reduce the chance of suffering symptoms, researchers showed. In the largest ever study of its kind, analysis involving more than 30,000 adults revealed 12 per cent of depression cases could have been prevented by a small amount of regular exercise. And those who do not exercise are 44 per cent more likely to suffer with depression. The findings, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, also reveal the role exercise could play in personalised mental health treatment plans. READ MORE