N. Korean slave labor provides seafood, funds nuclear arsenal: The workers wake up each morning on metal bunk beds in fluorescent-lit Chinese dormitories, North Koreans outsourced by their government to process seafood that ends up in American stores and homes. Privacy is forbidden. They cannot leave their compounds without permission. And they are paid a fraction of their salaries, while the rest — as much as 70 percent — is taken by North Korea’s government. This means Americans buying salmon for dinner at Walmart or ALDI may inadvertently have subsidized the North Korean government as it builds its nuclear weapons program, an AP investigation has found. READ MORE


Hepatitis outbreak spreads: Add 20 more cases and 22 more hospitalizations to San Diego County’s ever-growing hepatitis A outbreak. This week the county Health and Human Services Agency raised the number of the outbreak’s confirmed cases to 481 from 461 and hospitalizations to 337 from 315. The death count associated with the outbreak, which started in November 2016, remained at 17 for a second straight week. For months, the outbreak has been described in terms of homeless and drug-addicted victims, but new information this week from health officials shows a much broader geographic scope that is not limited by socio-economic boundaries. Read more HERE and HERE.

Pet store puppies spread Campylobacter: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says dozens of people have been sickened with infections linked to puppies sold at Petland pet stores. The outbreak of Campylobacter has affected 55 people in 12 states. Thirteen people have been hospitalized. This is an increase from the 39 cases reported in seven states last month. Campylobacter infections can be spread by contact with dog feces. READ MORE


Critics pan plan: A Trump administration plan to shift work on international food safety issues to a trade office under the supervision of a former animal-drug company executive is sparking an outcry from internal and external critics who say the move signals the U.S. is more interested in promoting exports than in science-based public health standards. READ MORE 


Gang of Ronald McDonalds mob English BK: A gang of 15 Ronald McDonald clowns mobbed an English Burger King branch to taunt staff by chanting, “You’re s–t and you know you are.” The hilarious moment was captured by a customer who watched as the group dressed as the McDonald’s mascot burst into the branch in Minehead, Somerset, a coastal town 165 miles west of London. Footage shows the mob wearing the iconic yellow onesie and red hair accompanied by Ronald’s rival The Hamburglar as they chanted at cashiers. WATCH VIDEO

A side of cocaine, please: This was definitely not on the Dollar Menu. A night shift manager at a Bronx McDonald’s was dishing up more than ​burgers and ​fries — he was busted for ​offering a side of cocaine in his Happy Meals.​ READ MORE