Two million people may be exposedMore than 44 million people in the U.S. get their water from private domestic wells, which are largely unregulated. A new report estimates that about two million people who draw their water from these unregulated wells could be exposed to high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in their water. The study appears in ACS’ Environmental Science & TechnologyREAD MORE


The search for the brain-eating amoeba: It was a lovely September day in Yellowstone’s Boiling River, which was not, in fact, boiling. Tourists trundled through the shallow water and dipped in where it was deeper. A herd of elk even waded through unconcerned. And among it all, a team of researchers in waders sampled the water for a brain-eating amoeba that kills 97 percent of the people it infects. READ MORE


Krack attack threatens IoT: A vulnerability in Wi-Fi encryption has sent the entire tech industry scrambling; the so-called Krack attack affects nearly every wireless device to some extent, leaving them subject to hijacked internet connections. In terms of scope, it doesn’t get much worse—especially for the Internet of Things. Given the millions of routers and other IoT devices that will likely never see a fix, the true cost of Krack could play out for years. READ MORE


ISIS still plotting: ISIS is plotting a “new 9/11” and will bring down planes to cause maximum devastation, according to Elaine Duke, acting Secretary of Homeland Security. What’s more, she said while speaking at the U.S. embassy in London, the terror group is currently using van attacks—like the one at London Bridge—to keep their members engaged while they raise funds for a “big explosion.” The intelligence is clear that terrorist organizations want an event comparable to 9/11 and they want to use planes, she said. READ MORE


Listeria causes freshcut veggie recall: Neither U.S. nor Canadian officials had posted it as of Thursday night, but a news release from Mann Packing Co. Inc. recalled almost 150 freshcut vegetable products nationwide in both countries because of a positive test showing Listeria contamination. The recall includes a wide variety of “minimally processed vegetable products” packaged under several brands, including Mann’s, Trader Joe’s Walmart and others. READ MORE

Salmonella, possibly in the jambalaya: Louisiana officials have confirmed a Salmonella outbreak in Caldwell Parish, reporting one possible death and dozens of illnesses. The source has been tentatively identified as jambalaya served at a local fundraising event on Monday. An unusually high percentage of the Salmonella victims have required hospitalization. As of Thursday, 31 of the 49 confirmed victims had been admitted to hospitals. READ MORE

And Salmonella in breaded chicken: Canadian health officials are urging consumers to check their homes for certain frozen “Janes Pub Style” breaded chicken because DNA tests have matched Salmonella in the products to victims of a nationwide outbreak, which already may have killed one person. The chicken burgers and chicken nuggets were distributed coast to coast in Canada. READ MORE


Oregano contains other ingredients: Four out of 10 oregano samples contained other plant material, according to testing from a Danish consumer watchdog. The amount of adulteration was so large that it is unlikely to be accidental contamination, said Forbrugerradet Taenk. In three of the products only some 50 percent of oregano was present, and a fourth had about 70 percent. Other ingredients included dried leaves from other plants such as olive or myrtle. In 2015, a consumer organization in the United Kingdom found 19 of 78 samples contained other ingredients, mainly olive and myrtle. READ MORE


Farm foreclosures on horizon? The Rural Mainstreet Index (RMI) released each month by Creighton University is becoming a broken record when describing the farm economy – the overall index remaining below growth neutral. The RMI is a survey of ag bankers in a 10-state region. While October’s number showed outlooks are on the rise, it’s the struggling farm economy due to stagnant crop prices acting as a wet blanket on the overall RMI. The survey showed almost one in 10 bankers expect farm foreclosures to be the greatest challenge to banking operations over the next five years. READ MORE

Hurricane victims get Wisconsin cheese: Wisconsin cheesemakers sent 30,000 pounds of Wisconsin Cheese to Florida for those affected by Hurricane Irma. The statewide effort was coordinated by Wisconsin cheesemakers, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB), Independent Procurement Alliance Program (IPAP) and Wisconsin dairy farmers. The 32 pallets of cheese arrived at Feeding South Florida, which distributes to a network of 400 partner agencies throughout the community to get the food into the hands of those who need it most. READ MORE

‘River in the sky’ brings rain to Pacific Northwest: The first of three rain and wind storms is rolling into the Pacific Northwest this coming Tuesday morning, marking the beginning of “The Big Dark.” The National Weather Service said the storms are riding a stretch of trans-Pacific moisture from China to the Pacific Northwest. Read more HERE and HERE.