Beer distributor teams up with marijuana company The U.S. distributor of Corona beer is chasing a new type of buzz. Constellation Brands Inc. has agreed to take a 9.9 percent stake in Canopy Growth Corp., a Canadian marijuana company, and plans to work with the grower to develop and market cannabis-infused beverages. READ MORE


These cities have more lead in their water than Flint: Seventy-one water systems in Michigan now have higher lead levels than the city of Flint, results of the most recent federally-required testing shows. Water sampling in Flint from January through June showed the city’s 90th percentile for lead was at 7 parts per billion, far better than the last six months of 2016, but still higher than 92.6 percent of the 1,333 water systems regulated by the state Department of Environmental Quality. READ MORE

Volcano steam is their water source: On the edge of Mt. Suswa, an active volcano in southwest Kenya’s Rift Valley, Kipas Ole Masiodo checks on volcanic steam rising from cracks in the ground, careful not to let any go to waste. As prolonged drought dries water reserves across Kenya, harvesting these fleeting wisps of water vapor near Masiodo’s home has been a lifeline for his family and community. READ MORE


Another hotel bombing: In the latest example of terrorists targeting busy venues such as hotels and restaurants, on Saturday a truck bomb detonated outside a hotel in Somalia’s capital, minutes before gunmen on foot stormed the building . The attack in Mogadishu killed at least 23 people and wounded at least 30 others, the police reported. The Nasa-Hablod hotel is frequented by government ministers, lawmakers and Somali business leaders. The Shabab, an Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group, claimed responsibility for the attack on a media channel associated with the group. READ MORE


Plague spreads in Africa: Some 1,300 cases of the pneumonic plague have been confirmed in Madagascar, and the plague has spread to nine other southeast African countries. So far the virus has killed 124 people, but scientists say this figure will definitely rise. The World Health Organization warns the risk of the epidemic spreading is “high.” Schools and businesses have been closed, and large public gatherings have been canceled. Plague is endemic in Madagascar, but this year’s outbreak is unusual because it started earlier than usual and has spread to cities. The plague is also pneumonic—which spreads via coughing and sneezing—instead of the usual rat-borne bubonic plague. Read more HERE and HERE.


Syrian government accused of starving citizens: The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein accuses the Syrian government of denying food and medical supplies to hundreds of thousands of civilians besieged in Eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of the capital Damascus. Eastern Ghouta has been under siege by Syrian Government forces for more than four years. At least 350,000 civilians are trapped there without access to life-saving aid.READ MORE


Work-release prisoner dies: An Alabama prison inmate has died following an industrial accident at a chicken processing plant in Ashland. According to a release from the Alabama Department of Corrections, Frank Dwayne Ellington, 33, was killed in what officials are reporting as an industrial accident at Koch Foods poultry plant in Ashland Sunday. Ellington had worked at the plant as part of the state’s work-release program. Ellington became entangled in a machine inside the plant at about 4:30 p.m. Sunday. READ MORE


Kim Jong Un takes a break: Kim Jong Un took a break from lambasting the U.S. and President Trump during the weekend to visit a cosmetics factory, one of the many sporadic visits to odd and quirky North Korean sites the despot has conducted throughout the years. READ MORE

California looting continues: Incidences of looting are continuing in the aftermath of the deadly fires that swept through Northern California earlier this month. On Saturday night, Santa Rosa police arrested two suspects after a high-speed chase through city streets along the southern edge of destruction where the Tubbs fire had burned. READ MORE