Chemical manufacturer promises molecule will reduce incidence of necrotic enteritis in broilers: Several of the key issues facing broiler producers today are linked to one key theme – namely, the bird’s gut health, according to Professor Richard Ducatelle of the University of Ghent in Belgium. Leading among those challenges is gastrointestinal health disease necrotic enteritis(NE). Caused by Clostridium perfringens, NE is a global poultry health issue, and leads to huge economic losses. Using a model developed at Ghent University to induce the subclinical disease in birds over the crucial period of 16-24 days of age, Prof Ducatelle and his colleagues tested a new molecule for its efficacy in reducing the gut lesions that lead to economic losses following NE infections. READ MORE


Supermarket self-service tills replace ID with facial recognition: Supermarkets are set to trial facial recognition software to replace age checks under a pilot run by a British identity app. The technology will be used to remove in-person age checks when customers are buying alcohol and other age restricted items at a self-service till.  The checkouts will confirm the user’s age by using a smartphone app called Yoti, which scans the shopper’s face to confirm their identity. READ MORE

Juice joy: Coco-Cola files patent on acerola find: The Coca-Cola Company has “unexpectedly discovered” that the cherry-like fruit acerola reduces enzymatic browning in fruit and vegetable juice, providing a natural alternative to current methods. In a worldwide patent filing, Coca-Cola said its discovery would help tackle “one of the most pressing problems” in the juice industry.