Screen shot from ISIS video

This ISIS propaganda video was filmed in New York City’s Central Park.

After losses, ISIS steps up campaign to inspire attacks: The man with the Islamic State scarf appears to be playing a kind of jihadist peekaboo. In the photo, he hides his features behind the terrorist group’s infamous logo but shows just enough background scenery so viewers can recognize his location: New York’s Central Park, in wintertime. “We are in your home,” reads the photo’s simple caption, posted online a few days after Christmas and circulated widely on a prominent jihadist Internet channel. ISIS has shown interest in poisoning food as a terrorist tactic, so food processors need to vet their employees. And restaurants and hotels should step up security procedures, because crowded venues are a private place to strike. READ MORE


Frozen green beans recalled: National Frozen Foods Corp. issued a Class I recall of individual quick frozen green beans because of potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination, according to notices posted by US Foods Inc. and the U.S. Department of Defense Commissary Agency. The frozen food manufacturer issued its recall following the detection of the pathogen in a third-party test by a downstream customer, the pet food company JustFoodForDogs. READ MORE

The problem with sprouts: The crowdsourcing site continues to show the Illinois-Wisconsin region as the center of a Salmonella montevideo outbreak likely caused by raw sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was able to get a public warning out on the latest outbreak involving Jimmy John’s on Friday, just before the brief government shutdown. Sprouts are a notorious source of food-borne illness, causing at least 36 outbreaks since 1996. Read more HERE and HERE.


Blizzard closes meat processing plants: Winter blizzard conditions moving across the Central Plains and Upper Midwest caught meat processing plants in their path, forcing plant closures on Monday for the safety of their workers. On Monday morning the heaviest of the snow spanned across much of Nebraska, extending toward southern Minnesota at a rate approaching 1 inch per hour. From there the storm moved north and east to the upper Midwest, including Sioux Falls, S. D., Sioux City, Iowa, and Minneapolis. READ MORE


Is U.S. lagging on reducing animal antibiotics? The British-based Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) Initiative, which manages $2.3 trillion of assets, says there is a growing policy gap between the U.S. and Europe on action to reduce antibiotic use in livestock. A group of 62 concerned investors has backed a new statement urging companies to act to close this policy gap. The initiative comes in the week that the U.S. Department of Agriculture criticized the new World Health Organization antibiotic guidelines for farmers saying “they were not in alignment with U.S. policy and are not supported by sound science.” FAIRR is an initiative of the Coller Foundation, founded by British financier Jeremy Coller. READ MORE

States sue over California egg law: Legislation passed in California nine years ago, designed to promote bird welfare, is being challenged by 13 states. The states, led by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, have filed a motion asking the Supreme Court to block a law requiring any eggs sold in the state to come from hens that have space to stretch in their cages. The lawsuit alleges that California’s requirements violate the Constitution’s interstate commercial clause and are pre-empted by federal law. The lawsuit also alleges the law has cost consumers nationwide some $350 million annually since it became effective in 2015. READ MORE


Poultry plant shooting leaves one man in critical condition: A shooting inside a Sanderson Farms poultry plant in Collins, Miss., left one man in critical condition last night and another on the run, according to local media reports. Although both men involved were Sanderson employees and the incident occurred on company property, the issue reportedly was a personal one between the alleged shooter and victim. READ MORE