Neatly arranged rows of opened cans of soup, shown from above.

By Robert Norton

ISIS agent worked for British food company: ISIS has been interested in targeting the food supply for many years and has actually experimented with poisons on several very unfortunate human victims. The terrorist group’s efforts had not matured to the point that they posed a threat to our food system, but things started to change in 2015 when Munir Mohammed and Rowaida el-Hassan met and started to plan an attack in the United Kingdom using the deadly toxin ricin, chemical weapons and homemade bombs. Had this been another thwarted ISIS case involving improvised explosive devices, it would unfortunately have been pretty unremarkable. In fact, this case was anything but ordinary and can instead be labeled a game changer, at least in my opinion. The implications for the food industry are very serious, and for that reason we are likely to see similar cases in the future. READ MORE