A field of sorghum in south Texas.

New tariffs imposed by China have immediate consequences: U.S. ships carrying cargoes of sorghum had to change course after Beijing imposed hefty anti-dumping deposits on U.S. imports of the grain. Sorghum is an animal feed and one of the billions of dollars in export at stake in the current trade dispute between China and the U.S. Twenty ships carrying over 1.2 million metric tons of sorghum were on water, valuing at more than $216 million. Five ships had to change course within hours of China’s tariff announcement on sorghum imports, according to Reuters shipping data. READ MORE


Bulk database thefts affected 168 million: The FBI has quietly solved a rash of bulk database thefts that affected 168 million users of some of the internet’s most popular websites, The Daily Beast has learned. The culprit in the breaches is a 28-year-old Arkansas man named Kyle Milliken, who, along with colleagues, stole email addresses and account passwords to feed a lucrative and hugely annoying spam operation that ran from 2010 to 2014. READ MORE

Car-stealing made easy: Electronic gadgets that can be used to steal cars in seconds are being sold online for as little as £100, a British newspaper reports. Available on Amazon and eBay, the hacking devices allow thieves to reprogram a blank key fob so it can start a car’s ignition. READ MORE


Paris attack suspect sentenced: The most important surviving suspect in the horrific Nov. 13, 2015, attacks that left 130 people dead in Paris has been given a 20-year jail term for his part in a shootout in Belgium four months later. Salah Abdeslam, a convicted petty criminal from Brussels who ended up associating with jihadists, spent most of the trial in jail over the border in France. Read more HERE, HERE and HERE.

British assassin identified: British counter terror police have ­identified a Russian assassin ­believed to be connected to the Salisbury poisonings. Officers suspect he is a 54-year-old former FSB spy with the codename “Gordon.” Detectives believe there was a team of six behind the novichok chemical ­attack on double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33. READ MORE

Afghan attack kills at least 57: A suicide bomb attack at a voter registration centre in the Afghan capital Kabul has killed at least 57 people, officials say. The dead include 21 women and five children, killed when the blast hit the queue outside. A further 119 people were injured. The Islamic State group (IS) said it had carried out the attack. READ MORE


Fajita thief gets 50 years in prison: A former Cameron County juvenile detention center employee said he started out stealing small amounts of fajitas bought with county funds, but his scheme soon ballooned, spinning out of control. The total value of the fajitas, which were stolen during a nine-year period, was $1,251,578. That figure does not include the brisket, pork chops, sausage and various types of chicken Gilberto Escamilla also admitted to stealing. READ MORE

Camera found in Atlanta Starbucks’ bathroom: Police have launched an investigation after a camera was discovered last week inside a restroom at a Starbucks store in an Atlanta suburb. A 25-year-old customer reportedly found the device taped under a baby changing station. READ MORE