Classic panoramic view of famous Oakland Bay Bridge with the skyline of San Francisco illuminated in beautiful twilight after sunset in summer, California, USA

Here’s what DHS says: What will happen when the next big earthquake hits northern California? Researchers say that if a tremor similar in magnitude to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake were to hit today, it could kill 800 people, cause more than $100 billion in economic losses from the shaking and subsequent fires, and trap roughly 20,000 people in elevators across northern California. READ MORE


Seeking treatment for chlorine attacks: As experts sort through questions around recent chemical attacks in Syria, future answers to quickly testing and treating those who may have been exposed to chlorine gas may lie in chlorinated lipids, says a scientist. After chemical weapons attacks, doctors must quickly try to determine which chemical agent was used so that appropriate countermeasures can be employed to try to save lives and limit damage to those exposed.


Poultry plant still closed after fire, ammonia leak: A Tyson Foods poultry facility in Dawson, Ga., remains closed one week after an April 18 fire and ammonia leak prompted evacuations of the plant and about 40 nearby homes. The fire and a related leak did not cause any injuries to employees, firefighters or local residents, and Tyson continues to investigate the cause of the incident. The plant’s full-time employees will be paid for three weeks of work as damage assessment continues. READ MORE

In Wisconsin, another ammonia leak: Abbyland Foods and the surrounding neighborhood in  Abbotsford, Wisc., are safe following an ammonia leak Monday. Eighteen people were sent to the hospital. Five Abbyland employees and one firefighter were among the victims. All have been released from the hospital. The leak was caused by a pipe that ruptured on top of the building. Fire officials said the wind helped the gas, which is lighter than air, to spread quickly. READ MORE


Salmonella concerns lead to ban on Brazilian chicken: The European Commission’s (EC) decision to ban meat imports from 20 Brazilian plants is believed to be due to concerns over imports of poultry meat containing Salmonella. It is concerned that the South American country is not doing enough to address the risks posed by the pathogen. The ban affects between 30-35 percent of Brazil’s meat exports to the EU and has angered the Brazilian government, which has vowed to challenge the ban. READ MORE