Some gravitate to Oregon: When an Oregon valley famed for its wine heats up under the afternoon sun, Pacific Ocean winds rush through a dip in the mountains, cooling the grapes in Jeff Havlin’s vineyards. The Van Duzer Corridor, the lowest point in Oregon’s Coast Range, has become a go-to place for wineries and vineyards hedging their bets against climate change. Winemakers and vineyard owners in a 95-square-mile (246-square-kilometer) section of the corridor have applied to become the newest American Viticultural Area, with the wind its predominant feature. READ MORE


Contaminated canal water likely caused romaine outbreak: Federal officials say contaminated canal water near romaine lettuce growing fields is the likely source of the unusually virulent strain of E. coli that has sickened people across 36 states, killing five.Growers, researchers and produce trade associations have said in recent weeks that the Yuma area uses canal water from the Colorado River for irrigation and other agriculture uses. READ MORE

Bad water in West Virginia: Four Southern West Virginia water systems rank in the top ten for the highest number of Safe Drinking Water violations in the U.S. The violations ranged from missed deadlines to arsenic and fecal cloriform violations. READ MORE

Untreated recreational water is a problem: Outbreaks associated with untreated recreational water can be caused by pathogens, toxins, or chemicals in fresh water such as lakes and river or ocean water. During 2000–2014, public health officials from 35 states and Guam voluntarily reported 140 untreated recreational water–associated outbreaks to the Centers for Disease Control. These outbreaks resulted in at least 4,958 cases of disease and two deaths. READ MORE


Walmart signs deal with indoor farming operation: Promoting its leafy greens as cleaner and safer for the planet and people, Dallas-based Eden Green Technology has struck a deal with Walmart to market its produce, which is grown without soil in vertical racks in greenhouses.  The packaged produce that is expected to debut in Walmart stores in Texas next month includes multiple lettuces, greens and herbs. READ MORE


Volatility in poultry market: Rising U.S.-Chinese trade tensions are adding to the turmoil in the global poultry market, where other issues affecting Brazil and Saudi Arabia could lead to further volatility in feed costs and trade arrangements in the second half of 2018, according to a new report from Rabobank. READ MORE

Pork producers accused of price-fixing: A group of consumers filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Minnesota, accusing several pork processors and the data analysis firm Agri Stats Inc. of colluding to charge consumers artificially high prices on a host of products, from lunchmeat to Spam to barbecue ribs and sausage. READ MORE

Poisoned sandwiches: An unnamed German man is feared to have killed up to 21 of his co-workers over the last 18 years by sprinkling poison on their lunches. The suspect was arrested after police say he was caught on CCTV putting something onto a colleague’s meal. Police said they had arrested a 56-year-old man suspected of attempting to kill a colleague at an unnamed company in the town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. READ MORE

NC House and Senate vote to override governor’s veto of hog bill: Although North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a wide-ranging farm bill that contained language protecting pork producers, both the state Senate and the House have voted to override the veto. That means North Carolina lawmakers are making it harder for neighbors of agribusinesses to file complaints about smells and other nuisances. Smithfield Foods was hit recently with a nearly $51 million verdict over concerns about hog farming, but that was cut to about $3 million because of state limits on punitive damages. The new law all but blocks lawsuits against farm operations in the future. READ MORE


Food as medicine: Philadelphia resident Feliciano Pagan greeted the MANNA food truck driver with a smile as he carried in two large bags filled with frozen dinners and fresh fruit that would last a week. Among the goods were chicken fajitas with brown rice and zucchini; chicken dumplings, carrots and beets; and sweet-and-sour pork chops with turkey noodle soup. These medically tailored meals — all with limited salt and carbohydrates — are designed to keep Pagan, who has congestive heart failure, out of the hospital. Health Partners Plans, the nonprofit company that runs the Medicaid health plan Pagan belongs to, is betting on it. READ MORE

Police warned about Annapolis shooter: Police in Annapolis, Md., were reportedly warned years ago that Jarrod W. Ramos – the suspect in Thursday’s deadly shooting in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette – “will be your next mass shooter.” READ MORE