Lawmakers have for state of emergency in Lee County: An unusually large algae bloom has filled Florida’s Lake Okeechobee with a pea soup-like mixture that has built up because of rain, hot weather and a heavy concentration of phosphorus and nitrogen from fertilizer. The bloom has covered about 90 percent of the lake, an extent that some officials said they’ve never seen before and that raises concerns about health risks of exposure and the impact on the economy. READ MORE


Goldfish Crackers recalled: Salmonella fears have prompted a mass recall of the cheese-flavoured snack Goldfish Crackers in the U.S. Pepperidge Farms, owner of the brand, announced the recall of about 3.3 million units of the product on Monday. One of its suppliers warned that the whey powder used as seasoning may contain the bacteria, which can cause illness and in some cases may be fatal. READ MORE


Possible norovirus vaccine: Noroviruses are the leading cause of epidemic acute gastroenteritis and foodborne diarrheal disease in humans. However, there are no approved vaccines for noroviruses. Potential correlates of protection identified through human challenge studies include mucosal IgA, memory B cells, and serum-blocking antibody titers (BT50)—and now scientists are working on a vaccine. READ MORE


Death toll rises in Greek fires: At least 60 people have died in wildfires in the Attica region around Athens, in Greece’s worst fire disaster in more than a decade. Flames fanned by strong winds devastated the seaside village of Mati, devouring homes and cars. Rescuers found the bodies of 26 adults and children who had apparently hugged each other as they died, trapped by the inferno just metres from the sea. READ MORE

Japanese heatwave declared natural disaster: Japan’s weather agency has declared a heatwave sweeping the country a natural disaster, with at least 65 deaths recorded in the past week. An agency spokesman warned that “unprecedented levels of heat” were being seen in some areas. More than 22,000 people have been taken to hospital with heat stroke, nearly half of them elderly, officials say. On Monday, the city of Kumagaya reported a temperature of 106F, the highest ever recorded in Japan. READ MORE

Heatwave in SoCal: Another sweltering heat wave has arrived in Southern California. Palm Springs reached as high as 119 Monday afternoon, breaking by three degrees the record set on the same date in 2014. Neighboring Indio hit 118, tying a record set in 2006, according to the National Weather Service. READ MORE

Coastal village fights rising sea: While Florida state government bans the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in official business, a coastal fishing village of about 500 people and more water than dry land is being swallowed by the sea with almost no public attention or concern. But town officials here are fighting back with some success. Every few minutes a tide gauge takes another measure of the dramatic change facing Yankeetown, situated near the Florida peninsula’s northwest corner. READ MORE

Sunshine State has most to lose, study says: In the Sunshine State, chronic flooding and other effects from climate change always run in the background of these extreme events. Many coastal towns are trying to adapt to erratic weather and accelerated erosion despite the lack of state or federal climate policy. According to a new study, Florida stands to lose more homes and real estate value to sea level rise damage than any other state during this century. READ MORE


Hundreds missing after dam collapse: Hundreds of people are missing and an unknown number dead after a dam under construction collapsed in south-east Laos, state media reported. The collapse at the hydroelectric dam in Attapeu province late on Monday sent flash floods through six villages, Lao News Agency said. More than 6,600 people have been made homeless, it added. READ MORE


Township bans industrial farming: Earlier this month, the supervisors of Todd Township in Huntingdon County, Penn., adopted a Community Bill of Rights ordinance that bans industrial farming. The vote was 2-1. Proponents say the ordinance protects family farms, opponents say it’s anti-farming. Whether or not the ordinance will even hold up to state law is yet to be determined. READ MORE

Lit review supports eggs for kids: A new literature review has highlighted the role eggs can play in improving infants’ protein, vitamin and mineral intake during childhood. The report, by nutrition student Amy Smith, looked at international intervention studies, and found eggs to support child development despite having relatively few calories. READ MORE