DNA strand

Nestlé wants your DNA: Nestlé has upped its efforts in the personalized nutrition trend with the rollout of the Wellness Ambassador program, which combines artificial intelligence (AI), DNA testing and Instagramming food to tailor nutrition for Japanese consumers. Read more HERE and HERE.


Sugar suits: The next tobacco? Kellogg is seeking to appeal an order by California federal Judge Lucy Koh that certifies three classes of consumers in a false advertising lawsuit over the allegedly toxic sugar content in some of its cereals. Read more HERE and HERE.

Honey Smacks still on the market: Although the Kellogg Co. recalled all of its Honey Smacks cereal in June because a Salmonella outbreak was traced to it, federal officials report the sugar-coated puffed wheat is still being sold. Meanwhile, 30 more people are sick. The total of confirmed illnesses to 130 people in 36 states. READ MORE

Tomatoes tainted with Salmonella: Kansas health officials say tomatoes served at a church dinner tested positive for Salmonella Newport and are the likely the cause of dozens of reported illnesses. At least 14 of the people who attended the Indian Taco Dinner at Highland United Methodist Presbyterian Church have confirmed Salmonella infections. Tomatoes served came from different sources. READ MORE

A food serial killer? German authorities launched a probe into a string of 21 deaths at a metal fittings company after an employee was caught trying to poison a co-worker’s lunch. Police found quicksilver, lead and cadmium in the man’s home. The police detained the 56-year-old suspect in May after one of his co-workers noticed an unknown white powder on his food. READ MORE


Blueberry crop reduced: The Maine wild blueberry industry harvests one of the most beloved fruit crops in New England, but the industry is dealing with a long-term price drop, drought, freezes, diseases and foreign competition, and farmers are looking at a second consecutive year of reduced crop size. READ MORE

The true cost of a food recall: When food manufacturers total up the anticipated costs of a food recall, they often don’t include the possibility of litigation, decreased sales, damage to a company’s reputation or brand crisis management, which can add up to millions—even billions— of dollars more. It is critical to understand the true costs of a food recall. READ MORE

Global dairy trade: The global dairy trade did its best to derail the positive tone that has defined markets in the past couple of weeks. In Tuesday’s trade, butter prices fell 2.8 percent to $1.89 a pound while whole milk powder, the flagship contract of the trade, fell 2.2 percent to $1.28 pound. READ MORE

A record European apple crop: While other crops have struggled in Europe’s unusually long, warm, dry summer this year, apples are doing fine. So fine, in fact, that a record apple crop is expected to impact the juice market and U.S. apple growers. Read more HERE, HERE and HERE.


Russian national charged in novichok poisoning: Two Russian nationals have been named and charged over the novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, Wiltshire. The two men, who were traveling on authentic Russian passports under the names of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov,  have been identified as officers from Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU. READ MORE


Ammonia leak sends 20 to hospital: An ammonia leak at Tyson Foods’ beef packing plant in Lexington, Neb., sent 20 workers to the hospital on Tuesday. The leak was quickly contained. In a statement to Meatingplace, the company said 20 employees were transported to the local hospital; 18 were treated and released, one was admitted and another was transferred to an area hospital for further treatment. READ MORE