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Freight market may be washed out: Hurricane Florence is expected to disrupt freight markets, possibly disrupting supply chains and throwing the market off balance. According to FreightWaves, the storm could wreak havoc on spot rates and capacity in the market. Hurricanes increase demand for trucking services, and in a market where demand is at an all-time high, companies may not be able to up their fleets.



Port of Charleston closing: The Port of Charleston, which runs the fourth largest container port on the East Coast, plans to shutter at least through Saturday as Hurricane Florence approaches the Southeast. The outlook is better to the north, with the Port of Virginia saying truck operations will resume tomorrow. READ MORE

Hurricane clean-up could interfere with harvest season: With harvest season ramping up in the Southeast, the arrival of Hurricane Florence can’t come at a worse time. Peanuts in Georgia, soybeans and grain in North Carolina, and many other crops and agricultural products are being harvested in the region and loaded onto trucks for their next destination, and that means bulk trailers are in peak demand in the region. Those same trailers are also used extensively in hurricane and disaster cleanup projects. READ MORE

Getting ready for a ‘hard Brexit’: A major confectionery maker says Brexit could come between Britons and their beloved chocolate. Hubert Weber, European chief of Mondelez International, says the company is stockpiling ingredients, chocolate and cookies as part of contingency plans for a disruptive “hard Brexit.” READ MORE

Meet the ‘Impossible Slider’: After slinging tiny square beef sliders for decades, the company began testing meat-free burgers at 140 locations in April — and it’s become a cult favorite. Now, the Impossible Slider will be available at nearly 400 locations nationwide, White Castle said Wednesday. The burger is a plant-based patty from Silicon Valley-start-up Impossible Foods that looks, tastes and “bleeds” just like real meat. READ MORE


This is a menu no-no: For one restaurant chain in China, an item found by a customer at one of its outlets has proved to be particularly costly: a rat. A video of a small, dead rat — boiled, gelatinous and with its stunned arms outstretched — fished out of a vat of bubbling broth has shocked China, and sent shares of a popular restaurant chain plummeting. Video footage of the customer picking the rat out with chopsticks circulated on Chinese social media all weekend. READ MORE

E. coli killed British couple after stay at five-star hotel: A British couple who died after falling ill at a five-star hotel in Egypt had contracted E.coli, officials have said. Couple John and Susan Cooper had been staying at the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada hours before they died. Egypt’s chief prosecutor said forensic examinations show John, 69, suffered acute intestinal dysentery caused by E.coli, and his wife Susan, 63, suffered a complication linked to a likely E. coli infection. READ MORE


FDA calls for ‘addressing’ e-cigarette problem: The FDA says teenage use of e-cigarette has reached “epidemic” levels and is calling on the industry to address the problem or risk having their flavored products pulled off the market. The warning marks a stark shift in the agency’s tone on e-cigarettes, which have become the most used tobacco product among teenagers. READ MORE


Hurricane may bring catastrophic mudslides: Because of the topography in the Carolinas and Virginia, Hurricane Florence — said to be a once-in-a-generation event for residents in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic states — could result in mudslides as well as damaging winds and flooding, warns a meteorologist with the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center. READ MORE

Preparing for Florence: Hurricane Florence is shaping up to be the biggest fight the Carolinas have had with a storm since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. But processors with operations in the path of the hurricane nevertheless say they always are prepared for severe weather and are following a well-tested protocol in battening down the hatches. READ MORE

How climate change will shape politics: Day Zero, when Cape Town in South Africa was supposed to run out of water, didn’t happen. But, over the course of a year, water scarcity, and the potential for a catastrophe, spurred upheaval and anxiety. During that time, a local government pushed a water-conservation agenda more ambitious than just about anything the world had seen, and the city faced political fallout as well as widespread protests. READ MORE


China bans transport of live hogs, pig products: China has banned the transport of live hogs and pig products from 10 regions bordering the six provinces that have reported African swine fever outbreaks in recent weeks. The disease is highly contagious, cannot be cured and has no vaccine. It can also be transmitted in pork products, animal feed or by people. READ MORE


Another car attack: A car crashed into dozens of people in the south China city of Hengyang, causing at least nine deaths, according to local media. An unemployed man, said to be 54 years old, has been arrested at the scene. He is reported to have a lengthy criminal record. Although the attack is not thought to be related to terrorism, car/truck attacks have become popular with terrorist groups. READ MORE