Someone holding fresh strawberries in their cupped hands.

Contaminated fruit found in six states and territories: Australia has ordered an investigation into the discovery of sewing needles hidden in strawberries, amid growing alarm over scares across the country. Contaminated fruit containers have now been reported in six states and territories. A minister called it a “vicious crime”. One man was taken to hospital after eating a strawberry that held a needle. Several brands have been recalled, while New Zealand’s biggest grocers have stopped selling Australian strawberries as a precaution. READ MORE


Wall Street voices going unheard: When President Bill Clinton deliberated whether he should loosen trade barriers against China, Wall Street helped plead Beijing’s case. When Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama talked tough about labeling China as a currency manipulator, Wall Street urged restraint — and both presidents backed down. Now, China is hoping that Wall Street will once again use its political heft to soothe tempers, but as President Donald Trump ratchets up the trade war with Beijing, Wall Street’s words are falling on deaf ears. READ MORE


NC Governor says manure lagoons stay contained: North Carolina’s 4,000 hog-manure lagoons have stayed contained so far, according to Gov. Roy Cooper, as the region continues to get pelted with rain from the remnants of Hurricane Florence and huge swaths of farmland in the state’s eastern corner are underwater. The lined earthen pits that hold treated waste had been a major environmental concern as unprecedented rain lashed North Carolina, with at least 30 rivers breaching their banks. Some experts cast doubt on the governor’s assessment, however, because the biggest swine-farming region is the worst-affected. READ MORE


Dogs sick from cyanobacteria: At least seven dogs have gotten sick, with one dying, in less than two weeks in Martin County, Fla. At first criminal poisoning was suspected, but now three of the seven dogs’ test results have come back positive for Cyanobacteria, the blue-green algae that is clogging Florida waters this year. READ MORE

Rescuing shelter animals from Hurricane Florence: Tony Alsup, a 51-year-old trucker from Greenback, Tenn., was parked at a Waffle House outside Fayetteville, N.C., on Sunday night for a quick pit stop and a plate of waffles and grits. He had been on the road since last Monday, when he hopped in his bus and headed toward the coast, committed to rescuing as many animals as possible ahead of Hurricane Florence. Inside the bus, the seats have been ripped out to make room for its passengers — 53 dogs and 11 cats from South Carolina shelters that were in Florence’s path. READ MORE


The problem with chilis: A man was rushed to hospital after eating one of the world’s hottest chilis during a chili-eating contest in Brighton, UK. The man, who has not been named, was in a head-to-head battle with UK Chili Queen Shahina Waseem when he swallowed a ghost pepper – one of the world’s hottest – during the fiery competition. The man began to feel “disorientated and confused” before collapsing and being rushed to hospital by an ambulance. READ MORE


What’s driving interest in cell-grown meat? New survey data from food development specialist Mattson suggests that the No. 1 thing consumers see as appealing about cell-based meat (grown from animal cells in a culture, without slaughter) is that it could “help reduce the amount of hormones and antibiotics we consume” (cited by 39 percent of respondents). The second driver is concerns about animal welfare. READ MORE


Banned from an all-you-can-eat restaurant: As an Ironman triathlete, Jaroslav Bobrowski is used to eating generous portions to gain enough energy for his athletic pursuits. In a visit last weekend to the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant Running Sushi in Landshut, Bavaria, former bodybuilder Bobrowski, 30, ate close to 100 plates of sushi, sending the restaurant into a state of alarm. When he went to pay his bill, he was discreetly told by the restaurant’s owner and chef that “I’m banned from now on because I’m eating too much.” READ MORE

Coca-Cola eying cannabis drinks: Coca-Cola Co. said it’s eyeing the cannabis drinks market, becoming the latest beverage company to tap into surging demand for marijuana products as traditional sales slow. The company says it is interested in drinks infused with CBD—the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that treats pain but doesn’t get you high. READ MORE