Complacency breeds peril: The world changed for everyone on 9/11, including for farmers. Bob Norton says farmers must not replace due diligence with a belief that the federal or state government will stop all adversaries, since no agency has the resources and work force to be sure something does not specifically happen to them or their property. READ MORE


First strawberries and now mangos: A contamination scare is spreading in Australia after a needle was found in a mango, not long after needles were found in strawberries. Needles  have reportedly been found in bananas and apples as well. The needle-contaminated mango was found just after Australian retail giant Woolworths pulled sewing needles from its stores and online. READ MORE

Why put needles in fruit? Australia is currently searching for a saboteur (or saboteurs) amid a national scare involving the hiding of sewing needles within strawberries. In one case, a consumer who swallowed a needle had to be treated in hospital. What could compel such actions? The BBC asked criminologists and psychologists for their views. READ MORE


Rare disease reported in poultry workers: Health officials are investigating a poultry plant in New Market, Virginia, after 50 employees were recently sickened by Psittacosis, a rare illness humans most often associated with pet birds such as parakeets. Health officials said workers likely were infected by breathing in bacteria  shed in the birds’ droppings. The infection is extremely unusual in commercial poultry. READ MORE


Monsanto asks judge to reverse multimillion-dollar verdict: Bayer legacy company Monsanto has asked a California judge to reverse a jury’s $289 million award to a former school groundskeeper who alleged that exposure to glyphosate herbicide caused him to develop cancer. Earlier this month, a Brazilian court overturned an injunction banning products containing the glyphosate, knocking down a previous ruling that had been set to disrupt the soy planting season set to begin this month. Read more HERE and HERE.

French Assembly rejects glyphosate ban: The French National Assembly, the country’s lower house of Parliament, has rejected a move to write into law a ban on glyphosate within three years. The rejection comes despite President Emmanuel Macron making the ban a campaign promise, leading to accusations that the Assembly is beholden to the farm industry. READ MORE

Junglerice now resistant to glyphosate: New research published in the journal Weed Science shows certain populations of junglerice (Echinochloa colona) are now among a growing number of weeds resistant to glyphosate. Growers are already battling glyphosate-resistant pigweed in soybean and cotton crops. READ MORE

Glyphosate facts: In recent weeks, there has been an uptick in the conversation about the safety of glyphosate, a common weed killer, used in our food production. Experts from the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety at Michigan State University answer questions about glyphosate. READ MORE 


This farm will be fully automated: 80 Acres Farms, a fast-growing Cincinnati-based firm in the indoor vertical farming industry, is building the first fully automated indoor farm in the U.S. The initial phase will feature state-of-the-art grow centers to produce specialty greens, including microgreens, culinary herbs, leafy greens and kale. Produce grown at the Hamilton site will supply Whole Foods Markets, Dorothy Lane Markets, Jungle Jims, U.S. Foods, and other retailers and foodservice distributors.


More Iranian hacks may be coming: An Iranian government-aligned group of hackers launched a major campaign targeting Mideast energy firms and others ahead of U.S. sanctions on Iran, a cybersecurity firm said last week, warning further attacks remain possible as America reimposes others on Tehran. READ MORE


Toxic chemical leak: Nearly 300 employees at a Pilgrim’s Pride chicken processing plant were evacuated were evacuated after a toxic chemical leaked from a FedEx truck Friday. Two employees were taken to an area hospital for breathing issues after being exposed to the chemical, peroxide type F, a bleaching agent that was being transported to the plant. READ MORE


Gas explosion update: With the anticipation that gas service will not be fully restored until mid-November in Massachusetts communities impacted by last week’s fiery gas emergency, state, local, and Columbia Gas company leaders have announced that thousands of residents will be equipped with hot plates and space heaters in coming days as a recovery plan moves forward. At the same time, Columbia Gas has agreed to compensate its customers for all losses related to the series of gas explosions and fires. Read more HERE and HERE


North Dakota at center of trade war: North Dakota—home to the fourth-smallest U.S. population—is suddenly finding itself at the center of the escalating trade war between the world’s largest economies. Historically a wheat-growing region, the state’s growers have been upping their soybean output at breakneck speed in recent decades. READ MORE