Raw beef in a cast iron frying pan on a wooden background

Nearly 60 illnesses reported so far: A Brazilian-owned company based in Arizona is recalling ground beef sold around the nation after 57 people in 16 states reported getting sick after consuming the meat. JBS Tolleson has recalled 6.5 million pounds of ground beef amid concerns about Salmonella contamination. JBS meats are sold under names, such as Walmart’s Showcase brand, Cedar River Farms Natural Beef, Gourmet Burger and Grass Run Farms Natural Beef. Read more HERE and HERE 


Intentional adulteration rule – are you ready? The FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule (Mitigation Strategies To Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration) requires companies to implement a written food defense plan, identity vulnerabilities and establish mitigation strategies based on those vulnerabilities. Will you be ready? READ MORE


Water, water everywhere, but none for them: Iokarenhtha Thomas lives in the Six Nations of the Grand River indigenous reserve in Ontario. She has lived without running tap water since the age of 16, and her children lack access to toilets, showers and baths. They use a bucket. At the same time, Nestlé extracts millions of litres of water daily from Six Nations treaty land. READ MORE


North-Korea linked scheme targets ATMs: The department of Homeland Security and Treasury as well as the FBI this week released a joint technical alert to share information on an ATM cash-out scheme attributed to the North Korean government. The malicious campaign has been attributed to a North Korea-linked threat actor known in the infosec community as the Lazarus Group. Considered a serious threat to banks, the Lazarus Group is believed to have orchestrated an $81 million heist from the Bangladesh bank. READ MORE

Remote access is a hidden weak spot: Many of today’s massive data breaches are linked to compromised credentials belonging to remote workers, third parties, and outsourced IT contractors. While tele-work and outsourced services have become common place in the commercial and public sector, organizations still have work to do when it comes to establishing security practices to support these new business models. READ MORE


Extremist groups dispersed globally: A long-delayed counterterrorism strategy released on Thursday by the White House describes a “landscape more fluid and complex than ever” and notes that extremist groups, armed with encrypted communications and savvy social media skills, are dispersed globally more than ever before. READ MORE


Launching new products: Entrepreneurs launching products that are unfamiliar to consumers or vastly different than previously available versions offered by competitors may struggle to gain an initial trial – but partnering with chefs and distributing through foodservice can be a good way to encourage consumer sampling and build brand awareness. READ MORE