Terrorists vow to strike ‘however we want’: Online ISIS materials have been encouraging jihadists to concentrate on poisoning Australia’s food supplies. The network of ISIS-supporting groups that is waging an online propaganda, incitement and recruitment campaign quickly seized upon the terror group’s claim of an attack Friday in central Melbourne with a vow to strike the country “however we want.” Al-Faqir, a prolific ISIS media group, released a video in July titled “Bio Terror” that walked supporters through specifics of waging a bioattack on the West—including sprinkling bacteria on salad bars. READ MORE


Arrest in strawberry contamination case: A 50-year-old woman has been arrested after a “complex” investigation into an Australian strawberry scare where needles were found stuck into the fruit, police said Sunday, in a crisis that sparked nationwide panic. More than 100 alleged incidents of pins and needles found in fruit, mostly strawberries, were reported in September around the country. The sabotage crisis led supermarkets to pull the fruit from the shelves and saw farmers dump tons of unwanted berries. READ MORE

First death reported: Federal health officials have reported the first death in an ongoing Salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey. The agency said that since last November, 164 people have fallen ill in 35 states. No products have been recalled, but CDC said it believes the outbreak is widespread and ongoing and  reminded people to properly cook and handle turkey with Thanksgiving approaching. READ MORE

New report details sources of foodborne infection: Salmonella illnesses came from a wide variety of foods, while E. coli O157 illnesses were most often linked to vegetable row crops (such as leafy greens) and beef. Those are two of the observations from the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration (IFSAC) new report on updated foodborne illness sources, using multi-year outbreak surveillance data. READ MORE

U.S. Marshals shut down Arkansas warehouse: The U.S. Marshals Service has conducted a mass seizure of FDA-regulated products held under unsanitary conditions, in which they were exposed to a widespread rodent, insect and live animal infestation. At the request of the FDA, the seizure occurred on Nov. 7 and 8 at J and L Grocery in Alma, Ark. The company receives, salvages, warehouses and distributes various products obtained through brokers within the salvage market. READ MORE


What’s in that water? For 10 years, some residents in Denmark, S.C., have been suspicious of the rust-colored water coming from their taps. They’ve been collecting samples in jars and using bottled or spring water, even though the local and state government assured them it was safe. But through a Freedom of Information Act request and a one-year investigation, CNN has found new information that may cast doubts on those assurances. READ MORE


Rabies claims Utah man: A Utah man has become the state’s first recorded rabies death in nearly three-quarters of a century. Gary Giles, 55, likely contracted rabies from bats that he and his widow, Juanita Giles, would allow to land on their hands and lick them, and even walk around in their beds. READ MORE

German team zeroes in on AR genes that escape traditional detection: Researchers from a German institute have expanded knowledge about produce harboring antibiotic resistance genes that often escape traditional molecular detection methods. These antibiotic resistance genes might evade cultivation-independent detection, but could still be transferred to human pathogens, according to a team from the Julius Kühn Institut. READ MORE


EU wants guarantees for fishing boats: European Union fishing fleets must be given wide-ranging access to British coastal waters as the price of agreeing an all-UK Brexit divorce deal, the Telegraph reports. Senior EU diplomats have warned that any plan to grant the UK a temporary customs union to solve the Irish backstop problem must come with cast-iron guarantees that EU boats will be free to fish in UK waters. READ MORE


The science behind California’s destructive fires: California’s wildfires are caused by a disturbing confluence of factors. The first is heavy winds flowing down the mountainsides from the east, which in turn drives the relative humidity down, parching already dry vegetation. The downslope winds create more wind, scattering embers in front of the fire to torch dry vegetation, providing fuel. The scariest part: California’s cities are no longer safe from these voracious fires. READ MORE


How McDonald’s deals with Russia: McDonald’s Corp. became a leading ambassador of American culture after opening its first restaurant in Moscow in the twilight of the Soviet Union. Now, as Russia-U.S. tensions rise and pro-Kremlin politicians call repeatedly to close the U.S. chain, management is taking a new tack: Go Russian. READ MORE

Oat drinks coming in January: The Quaker Oats Co. is planning to grow its sales by entering the non-dairy segment with the launch of its new oats-based drinks. Called Quaker Oat Beverage, the new drinks will be available from January 2019 in vanilla, original, original unsweetened and vanilla flavors. Each 48-ounce bottle will carry a recommended price of $4.29. READ MORE