Tractor spraying pesticides on vegetable field with sprayer at spring

Yields from major crops may drop: Rising heat, drought, wildfires and heavy downpours are expected to increasingly disrupt agricultural productivity in the U.S., according to a National Climate Assessment report released Friday. While some northern regions may be able to expand production of alternative crops amid the changes, yields from major U.S. crops are poised to drop. READ MORE


Farm bankruptcies soar: An analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis found that 84 farm operations in the upper Midwest filed for Chapter 12 bankruptcy from June 2017 to June 2018. The number of bankruptcies filed by these farm operations is double the total from 2014 and even surpassed the mark hit in 2010 at the peak of the Great Recession. Current price levels and trends suggest the number will continue to rise, according to the report. READ MORE

Efforts to combat food waste increasing: Philanthropic and government spending to combat food waste reached $125 million in the first 10 months of this year, according to a report by a nonprofit called ReFED that specializes in anti-waste efforts. The efforts are an attempt to make a dent in the estimated $218 billion worth of food that goes to waste in the U.S. each year. READ MORE

How Microsoft invests in agriculture: At the 2018 Farm Journal AgTech Expo, Josh Henretig will present an opening keynote, “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Is At the Farm Gate.” Microsoft has a five-year, $50-million initiative called AI For Earth, which Henretig leads as the senior director. READ MORE


Manufacturers are a target: Manufacturers are a top target of espionage because the economic strength of a nation is measured by its manufacturing, says security expert Ron Moultrie. Nearly one-third of all cyberattacks every day are against a domestic manufacturing firm, he added. Most attacks begin with a simple email phishing campaign designed to harvest employee credentials or elicit fraudulent payment requests. READ MORE


New warning about kratom: The FDA has issued a new warning about kratem, despite claims that the herbal supplement is good for diabetes, blood pressure, cancer a strokes, The FDA reports multiple tests have found heavy metals, including dangerous levels of lead and nickel, in multiple kratom products. The alert comes after warnings and recalls this year because of a Salmonella outbreak traced to such products. READ MORE


Pet food may have too much vitamin D: Sunshine Mills Inc. of Redbay, Ala., is issuing a voluntary recall of select products of Evolve Puppy, Sportsman’s Pride Large Breed Puppy, and Triumph Chicken and Rice Dog Food because of possibly high levels of Vitamin D. Dogs ingesting elevated levels of Vitamin D may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling and weight loss. READ MORE


Meth makes a comeback: The number of people hospitalized because of amphetamine use is skyrocketing in the U.S., but the resurgence of the drug has largely been overshadowed by the nation’s intense focus on opioids. Amphetamine-related hospitalizations jumped by about 245 percent from 2008 to 2015, according to a study published last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association. READ MORE

Amazon looks at health care: Inc. is starting to sell software that mines patient medical records for information doctors and hospitals could use to improve treatment and cut costs. The move is the latest by a big technology company into health care, an industry where it sees opportunities for growth. READ MORE

Poop on McDonald’s touchscreen: Traces of feces have been found on every single McDonald’s touchscreen swabbed in an investigation by Samples were taken from the new machines that have been rolled out at restaurants across the country – every one of them had coliforms. READ MORE