water stream coming out of the water tap

There are thousands of towns like Enterprise, La.: Virginia Tech engineering professor Marc Edwards calls it America’s “dirty little secret.” Tiny towns like Enterprise, La.—population 250— are stuck with aging infrastructure that they can’t fix, leaving few options for them to deal with complaints about dirty or contaminated water. The EPA says the nation needs $743 billion to fix America’s aging water system. READ MORE


E. coli outbreak grows: The FDA says shipping records show at least 10 distributors, 11 farms and 12 growers in the romaine lettuce supply chain are implicated in an ongoing E. coli outbreak that has now sickened almost 80 people in the U.S. and Canada. The outbreak strain is proving particularly virulent, having a U.S. hospitalization rate of 42 percent. READ MORE


Inadequate infrastructure contributes to Zika outbreak: Following India’s first outbreak of Zika infections in Rajasthan in September 2018, the state of Madhya Pradesh has now reported a second one, with six districts affected. Inadequate water and sanitation infrastructure have been cited as key factors in rapid spread of the virus and officials’  inability to contain it. READ MORE

Brain amoeba kills Seattle woman: A Seattle woman died earlier this year after a rare but deadly amoeba reproduced in her brain, turning part of it to a “bloody mush.” The amoeba in tap water was injected into her nasal cavity when she used a “neti pot” to rinse out her sinuses and nasal cavity, according to a case study recently published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. READ MORE

Smithfield Foods fined for water discharge violations: The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) said Wednesday it fined Smithfield Foods for water discharge violations at the company’s Sioux Falls plant in August. The $53,382 penalty includes $26,900 for surface water quality violations and $26,482 for laboratory costs incurred by DENR. READ MORE


Pet food pulled for L. monocytogenes contamination: Columbia River Natural Pet Foods is recalling Cow Pie fresh frozen meats for dogs and cats because of potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The bacteria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in humans, and there is concern that pet owners could expose themselves by handling the recalled pet food and utensils and bowls used for it. READ MORE

And for too much vitamin D: Retail supermarket chains King Soopers and Kroger’s Louisville Division are removing certain Abound dry dog food from their store shelves following a product recall initiated by Sunshine Mills Inc. The recalled pet food has the potential to contain an elevated level of vitamin D. READ MORE