Russian submarine surfaced. Shot at water level against clear blue sky

Moscow may be plotting: The U.S. and its NATO allies have warned that an uptick in Russian submarine activity near undersea fiber optic cables means Moscow may be plotting to disrupt or intercept sensitive or other critical internet communications in the event of a confrontation with the West. READ MORE


Marriott hit with lawsuits: A new class action filed against Marriott following the massive data breach alleges that the hotel giant’s systems are affected by a serious vulnerability that still exposes customer information. Several lawsuits have been filed against Marriott after the company revealed that hackers had access to its systems since at least 2014 and that they may have stolen the details of up to 500 million customers from the Starwood guest reservation database. READ MORE


OSHA asked to investigate Sanderson Farms: Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro  has asked OSHA to investigate alleged workplace safety violations at a Sanderson Farms poultry plant in Bryan, Texas. The letter follows an investigative report in The Guardian that stated workers on the processing lines are being denied the right to use the bathroom. Read more HERE and HERE.


Factors that make you vulnerable to a recall: Any food recall incident is a crisis situation that requires quick action to mitigate any longstanding financial and reputational damage. Metal detection specialist Fortress Technology examines the different factors that can make food operators vulnerable to a recall, even with inspection equipment in place. READ MORE

Companies get FDA warning letters: The FDA recently warned owners of a beef producer, a dairy, and a frozen food company about violations of federal food safety laws. Food companies that receive FDA warning letters have 15 days to respond. Companies that do not respond, or those that submit responses describing inadequate correction measures, face FDA regulatory action  without further notice. READ MORE

Shop Rite chicken recalled: Amboy Group LLC is recalling an undetermined amount of Shop Rite brand raw, skinless, boneless chicken products because they contain known allergens that are not declared on their labels as required by federal law. The Woodbridge, N.J., company reported shipping the implicated chicken to retailers in New Jersey. READ MORE


Bayer makes ‘study summaries’ available: Bayer has made more than 300 “study summaries” on the safety of glyphosate available to public view as part of its transparency initiative, designed to enhance trust in the science behind crop protection products. READ MORE


Concert stampede kills five: A stampede at a rap concert in an overcrowded disco in central Italy killed five young teenagers and a woman who had accompanied her daughter to the event early Saturday, police said, adding that 59 people were injured. A rapper popular with young teenagers, was set to perform at the venue, and organizers had apparently sold too many tickets. READ MORE


NCSU introduces recipe kits for ‘food insecure’ students: North Carolina State University in Raleigh has introduced recipe kits to help food insecure students. The meal kits are created in collaboration with campus dining and the campus food pantry with the intent of using both the over-donated items in the pantry to their fullest potential and teaching those who are food insecure how to cook. READ MORE

Mexico and our feeder cattle: Mexico historically has been an important source of feeder cattle for U.S. cattlemen, with feeder calf imports of approximately 1 million head a year since the mid-1980s. What is Mexico’s overall impact? READ MORE

Dairy price recovery will take six months: Farming requires a certain amount of optimism. No matter how bad it gets, things will turn around in six months. As the picture gets painted for the 2019 dairy forecast, that appears to be the case as the second half of the year will likely be when producers start to see price recovery. READ MORE


Chinese-American agreement looks good for ag: Agreements between U. S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping look positive for agriculture, provided the details of the agreement can be worked out between the two nations. Both agreed to halt the imposition of new tariffs for 90 days. Relative to agriculture, China agreed to lift trade barriers on U.S. products, including agricultural goods. READ MORE


Earth is ‘the ultimate operating system’: Why was Microsoft’s AI director the featured speaker at a recent Farm Journal AgTech Expo? One of the answers, he said, is that Microsoft views the planet as the “ultimate operating system” and that information technology can help the company monitor, model and respond to the need to help feed the planet and address global health issues. READ MORE