Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union.Brexit concept.

No-deal Brexit could slow trade through Calais: British supermarkets have been warned to keep as much stock as possible in warehouses around the country in case a Brexit deal isn’t made, Bloomberg reports. Bloomberg reports that a no-deal Brexit would cut the capacity of the country’s main EU trading route from the French port of Calais to Dover in southeast England to just 13 percent of the current level because of additional border checks. READ MORE


Farming’s final frontier: If – as some doomsday scientists predict – we eventually exhaust the Earth’s livability, space farming will prove vital to the survival of our species. Around the world, governments and private companies are doing research on how we are going to grow food on space stations, in spaceships, even on Mars. READ MORE

AI in farming: Every year, 20 to 40 percent of global crop yields are lost due to pests and diseases, according to the UN. Farmers have to spend time identifying what exactly is afflicting their crops, which delays taking necessary steps to remedy the situation. This affects their crop output and, hence, the food supply. That’s where artificial intelligence can help. READ MORE


Almost 15 tons of sausages recalled over metal fragments: CTI Foods of Owingsville, Ky., is recalling nearly 30,000 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat pork and poultry sausage links that may be contaminated with pieces of metal, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced. “Jimmy Dean HEAT ’n SERVE Original SAUSAGE LINKS Made with Pork & Turkey” were shipped to a Tennessee company that distributed the sausages to retail stores. READ MORE

What is next-generation sequencing? It is impossible to ignore next-generation sequencing (NGS) in the food industry. It is no longer just a buzzword – it’s changing food safety as we know it. By leveraging the power of NGS, food manufacturers and labs have built safer and less expensive food safety programs. But what exactly is NGS? READ MORE


Nine Lives cat food recalled: The J.M. Smucker Co. is recalling canned cat food because of possible low levels of thiamine, also referred to as vitamin B1, in the food. The food was distributed to retailers nationwide. Smucker’s officials initiated the recall, which is being carried out in cooperation with the FDA, after internal finished product testing revealed the potential problem. READ MORE


Veterinarians release joint statement on antibiotic use: Veterinary association from the U.S., Canada and Europe have released a joint statement on monitoring of antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance. The statement describes broad steps and strategies veterinarians around the world can take to preserve the effectiveness and availability of antimicrobial drugs while safeguarding animal, public and environmental health. READ MORE


Macron promises tax cuts, wage boost: French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday pledged tax cuts and a minimum wage boost  in a bid to placate angry citizens after weeks of violent anti-government protests. Criticized for his silence amid demonstrators’ demands for more government support for the working class, Macron promised to scrap a recent tax increase affecting some pensions and to increase the minimum wage by around $114 per month in 2019. READ MORE


Don’t eat that sandwich! Law enforcement officers in Polk County, Fla., had fun with the story of a young man caught on camera grabbing a foot-long sandwich from a gas station convenience store, shoving it down his pants, and then biking away “perhaps in search of chips to steal,” the Polk County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook Monday. The post concluded by warning any Facebook users not to take food from strangers because “you don’t know where it’s been.” READ MORE